Getting an agent to help you with your real estate requirement is important because being in the trade, the agent is supposed to be better knowledgeable than someone who is simply buying or selling or renting his or her own property.

It is the real estate agent’s job to know everything in the business to be able to really help the client. Knowledge is not enough, though. There are other factors to consider to make your dealing worth it.

What is the agent’s experience in the industry?

There are advantages and disadvantages in getting a new or old agent in the industry. The new agent is still learning and can be a bit slow because everything is still being learned but at least you can be quite sure about the honesty of the agent.

The old agent, on the other hand, can be well-equipped and has all the answers to your questions, automatically, but if you happen to be handled by a crooked agent, you’re done.

What is the agent’s credibility?

Credibility can be established by the number of transactions that has been processed. It is a numbers game and it often manifests in the mouths of the agent’s previous clients. What other people say about the agent, far from the agent’s hearing, should be taken seriously.

One valid bad report should send you a red flag to choose another, if at all possible. Be careful that what you are hearing is not mere hearsay because someone might just be envious, hence, a bad report is being gossiped to bring that agent down.

How attentive is the agent to the concerns of the client?

There are different reasons why an agent became an agent. Some did because of the possible income, others did because they like to deal with people, help people find what they are looking for. Some of those who got in for the money only may not have the “customer first” kind of attitude.

Lack of patience may be one of the disadvantages of agents who just got in for the financial gain. Being able to have a “people” agent is a great advantage.

What is the agent’s credential?

Some agents start learning the trade just by going along with someone they know, testing the waters. When you choose an agent, make sure he/she has the license to serve as an agent. That way, if something goes wrong, everything is documented and can be pulled for proper legal action.

If you have an unlicensed agent and that agent runs away with your money, the real estate broker cannot help you because, for the record, the agent does not exist.


You have to choose the right agent who can help you with your real estate needs. Spend some time weeding out the wrong agents. It will eventually give you less to no headache at all.